Research projects

Past research groups

From August 2013 to July 2014 I was visiting HIIT in Helsinki, Finland, during my sabbatical leave. In 2008–2010, I was the area coordinator for Information Technology and Software Engineering (IT & Software) for CIIDIT in PIIT Monterrey. In 2003–2006, I was a member of the Computational Models and Mechanics research group, a subdivision of the Computational Complexity and Combinatorics (CCC) research group at the Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science at Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), which is now part of Aalto University.

Research funding

Research projects for which I have been responsible; the amounts are in Mexican pesos and the proposals and final reports are in Spanish.

Project title Period Funding agency Code Amount Documents
Epidemic simulation under contingency measures05/2021–12/2021 UANL / PAICyT CE1842-2144,800 Proposal
Algorithmic exploration of relationships between air quality and well-being08/2020–12/2020 UANL / PAICyT CE1421-2023,500 Proposal
Computational tools for multifactorial epidemiological analysis07/2016–07/2017 UANL / PAICyT IT512-1550,000 Proposal
An adaptive shopping assistant for intelligent green consumption 09/2013–08/2014 PROMEP CAEF 103.5/13/7269 280,000 Proposal
Intelligent systems in supporting decision-making: business intelligence and legal managing of personal information in small businesses09/2011–09/2012 UANL / PAICyT IT553-10 70,000 Proposal
Relevant information in decision making: from data to information and knowledge 06/2010–05/2011 CONACyT / Red TIC GR1-2010 789,850 Proposal
Structural properties in synchronization and coordination of collaborative groups of independent agents 07/2009–07/2010UANL / PAICyT IT264-09 65,000 Proposal
Adaptive search in massive dynamic networks 11/2007–11/2009 PROMEP 103,5/07/2523
206,224 First year proposal
Second year proposal
Final report
Local Methods for Data Clustering07/2007–07/2008UANL / PAICyT CA1475-07 65,000 Proposal

Former funding

During my doctoral studies, I was a student in HeCSE (Helsinki Graduate School in Computer Science and Engineering). After a brief period of HeCSE funding, I began to work for the STADYCS project supervised by Pekka Orponen. My Licentiate's thesis was finished in April 2003 in the STADYCS project and also published as a research report.

After the end of the STADYCS funding period, we received funding for a new project, also from the Academy of Finland, for the years 2004–2006. In that project, called Algorithms for Nonuniform Networks (ANNE), I completed my doctoral thesis.

For the academic year 2005, I was granted the Rotary Foundation's Ambassadorial Scholarship for studying in the University of Chile from 28th of February to the 16th of December 2005.

In 2004, I also received the Nokia Foundation Scholarship.

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